Features of our Applications & Systems

Our applications and/or systems are customised according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Although these requirements and needs may differ from another, one or more of the following features may be commonly found in our applications and/or systems :

Web-based Interfaces

Our applications and systems are accessible with common and popular Internet web browers (such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome etc.)

Besides desktops and laptops, they are also compatible and accessible with iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones.


Users are not required to possess an technical / programming knowledge to use our applications and systems. The basic skills required includes :

  • Basic computer / smartphone / tablet operations.
  • Web browsing (i.e. surfing the Internet).
  • Submitting online forms (such as online registrations or submissions etc.)
  • Used any web-based e-mails such as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  • Basic word processing.

It is that simple.

Self-managed Content

With our user-friendly interfaces, users are able to update the information (such as text and/or images) in the website themselves with little or no technical / programming knowledge. This minimises the need and the cost of hiring external web designers or web design agencies to update the website's content.

Real-time Updates

All data inputs and updates are done in real-time and the up-to-date information is automatically displayed accordlingly in the website.