Our E-commerce Solutions

Online shopping and e-commerce has become immensely popular and it is still growing rapidly. Customers (both individuals and business organisations) are attracted to it because provides a high level of convenience, competitive pricing, wider selection of products and services with greater product / service information.

For many business organisations, online shopping and/or e-commerce has become an essential part of their businesses simply because online shopping and/or e-commerce :

  • Increases sales / revenue [ Read more ]
    Online shopping and e-commerce offers business organisations greater access to regional, national and/or global markets. It helps business organsations become more competitive and increases customer loyality. Therefore, when customer base and sales volume increases, revenue increases.
  • Cost significantly lesser to establish than physical stores [ Read more ]
    Unlike physical bricks and mortar stores, only 1 online store is required for a world wide presence. With our online store and e-commerce solutions, it cost significantly lesser to establish an online store than a physical store (which, in many instances, may cost less than 1 - 10% of the cost of a physical store).
  • Cost significantly lesser to maintain than physical stores [ Read more ]

    Our online store and e-commerce solutions comes with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to manage your store's content (such as products, product descriptions and other text and/or images etc.) yourselves without the need to engage third-parties to do it for you.

    Our online store and e-commerce solutions are also highly automated and requires lesser manpower to operate as compared to a physical store. Productivity increases while monthly overheads are significantly lower than physical stores.

Notwithstanding the above, good business practices, strategies etc. are also crucial to the success of any business.

Whether you are an establised on-line retailer or just starting out, we have online store / e-commerce solutions just for you.

Our online store and e-commerce solutions consists of 3 main components :

Online Store Front

This is the area of the online store that is accessed by visitors (i.e. your customers) and its basic features include :

  • Unlimited[1] products
  • Unlimited[1] product categorisation
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Accepts discount coupon codes / e-vouchers
  • Accepts online and offline payments (refer to online payment gateways below)
  • Automated shipping calculation
  • SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation) friendly
  • Social networked (Facebook, Twitter & LinkIn)
  • Compatible with major Internet browsers (for mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers)

For other additional features and for more information please refer to our Online Store Solutions & Packages for more details.

Online Payment Gateways

There are several ways which you can receive payments from your on-line customers. You can receive payments by :

  • Cash / cheque (pre-payments or upon delivery)
  • Through money transfer agents (such as Western Union® etc.)
  • Bank transfers (such as GIRO, Internet bank transfers or telegrapic transfers etc.)
  • Payments by credit / debit cards

For secure on-line payment collection, our e-commerce solutions uses one or more of the following reputable payment solutions (also known as payment gateway) :

  • PayPal (for payments by credit / debit cards, GIRO etc.)
  • eNets (for payments by credit / debit cards, diret debit via Internet banking)
  • WorldPay (for payments by credit / debit cards)

Please refer to Payment Gateways for more information.

Back-end Administration

The back-end administration interface allows merchant to manage the online shop themselves. Merchants are able to create and modify products and product categorisation themselves and the online store website will be updated automatically.

It also allows merchants to easily create and/or modify additional online store's webpages and modify the text and/or images

Basic features include :

  • User friendly interface.
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Report(s) generation
  • Store & Product Management
  • Content Management
  • Unlimited[1] user accounts

For other additional features and for more information please refer to "Online Store Solutions & Packages" for more details.

[1] Unlimited means un-restricted but within the limits of the server resources provided by the respective online store/e-commerce package.