Web Design Services

Website Design Packages

Starter Web Design Package (SGD 980)

Our starter package includes 5 static pages :

  • 1 Main / Index page
  • 1 About Us / Company Profile page
  • 1 Contact Us page with an online enquiry / feedback form
  • 2 other pages (such as products, services etc.)

Customised / Complex / Template Design Packages (from SGD 650)

This package is suitable for Clients who require :

  • A website with many pages.
  • A website that uses a Content Management System (CMS).
  • E-commerce online stores.
  • A website with integrated web-applications / systems.
  • Other customised and complex websites...

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In addition to English, we are also able to develop websites in other languages such as Chinese (中文), Japanese (日本語) etc. and our other language websites are also search engine optimised.

Flash Animated Introductions & Banners

Flash animations addes interactivity to a website and makes the static website more exciting. However, Flash based websites have been less viable recently.

Flash animation cannot be displayed in iPhones and iPads. They are also not compatible with seach engine optimisation (SEO).

Therefore, BrioWerkz now provides Flash animation development only for website's introductions and banners even though we have been developing full-fledge Flash-based websites for many years.

Depending on the complexity of the Flash animation, our Flash adnimation development fee starts from SDG 250 onwards.

[1] “Static Page” refers to Webpages that always displays the same information every time the Webpage is accessed and it does not include any embedded applications and/or scripts.
[2] “Dynamic Page” refers to Webpages that includes embedded applications and/or scripts which displays information that may change depending on the response to different context or conditions.