E-mail Hosting

BrioWerkz provides various types of e-mail hosting services. All the following e-mail services allows you to create one or more custom e-mail addresses using your own domain name (your_name@your_domain.com).

Basic E-mail Hosting - POP3 / IMAP

These are the most basic but most commonly used e-mail hosting services that come with our Virtual Server Web Hosting services.

You can access your e-mails via the web or with any popular e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc. In addition, e-mails are also accessible with iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

However, if you find that the resources provided by our Virtual Server Web Hosting plans are not enough to meet your requirements, a dedicated e-mail server can be setup for you.

Please contact us for pricing and details.

Enterprise Level E-mail Hosting - Microsoft Exchange Online (part of Office 365)

Microsoft (MS) Exchange Online is the cloud-based version of the popular Microsoft Exchange Server that provides e-mail, calendaring and contact management which is used by many large companies, organisations and government agencies.

It is commonly used with Microsoft Outlook to access e-mails and provides sharing of calendars and contacts. E-mails, contacts and calendars are synchronised with MS Outlook across multiple devices including Phones, iPads, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Although it is very costly to setup a MS Exchange Server (which can cost more than $80,000), with MS Exchange Online, enterprise-level e-mail services becomes affordable - starting from SGD 8 per user per month.

MS Exchange Online comes with :

  • 25 GB of mailbox storage and allows 25MB of mail attachments;
  • Outlook support as well as web-based and mobile access
  • Shared calendar and contacts
  • Anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering
  • Archiving capabilities

To sign-up, please contact us for more details.